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Ultranomad stands with Ukraine!
Ultranomad s.r.o., Mattioliho 3248/11, 10600 Praha 10 - Záběhlice, Czechia • Mobile: +420 735 507 921 • EU VAT: CZ27643395

Ultranomad s.r.o. is a professional services company based in Prague, Czechia, established by Anton Konashenok in 2007.

The company offers a broad spectrum of services in the domain of general aviation:

The company also offers multilingual specialized translation services to the manufacturing, engineering, research and healthcare sector.

If you have not been given an e-mail address to contact, please call me on my mobile number above or message via SMS, MMS, Whatsapp, Signal or Telegram.
If the mobile number is not reachable, please try the UK line: +44 20 3129 2814, which is normally forwarded to my current working location, or to voice mail if no direct connection is available.
For official matters within Czechia, please contact Ultranomad s.r.o. (IČ 27643395) via the secure mailbox service of the Czech Ministry of the Interior.